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At Sensible, we help dealers put customers in the right cars – so everyone wins.

When you partner with Sensible, you get access to same-day funding, instant approvals, and rates as low as 6.99%.


Do business at the speed of technology

Sensible is not your average auto loan company. We are a tech-driven, AI-powered loan-making machine with superior technology under the hood.

Get more loans so you can sell more cars

We do everything in our power to give you the winning edge—which often means making loans that other companies aren’t brave enough to do.

Operate at the pace you need to succeed

We are continually refining and improving our analytics and loan processes so we can make decisions faster, operate at higher volumes, and improve everyone’s success on every loan.

Benefit from our years in the business

Although we use a lot of technology, our people still drive everything we do. Our artificial intelligence works because it comes from more than a decade of hard-earned experience working with dealers like you!

Sell more cars faster, the Sensible way.

Sensible is always working to speed up and streamline our loan approval process so that you can sell more cars – and sell them more quickly than ever before.

What sets us apart?

Let our financial technology, experience, and people give you the winning advantage.

Sensible Auto’s Instant Approval means you can say YES to the buyers other dealerships turn down.

Selling more cars equals more profits – it’s that simple!


Easy. Fast. Sensible Lending.

Partnering with Sensible Auto Drives Results

Ready to sell more cars?

Fast Funding

We give you all the tools you need to get same-day funding: Paperless transaction & e-contracting, income pre-approval, free access to PLAID for self-employed borrowers and a generous title float policy. Become a partner today!

Simple Sub-Prime Lending

Just because the credit is challenging doesn’t mean the transaction has to be! Our dedicated funders and Account Executives are with you every step of the way. We make sub-prime lending easy, so you can sell more cars with less hassle.


We continually use digital technologies like AI and machine learning to make the loan approval process the best in the business. We continually refine and perfect our processes to maximize the economic rewards of our partners.

Powered by

Sensible Auto’s proprietary platform, , utilizes the latest in AI and machine learning to make your job easier. Featuring a streamlined, easy to use interface, works hard so you don’t have to. Interested in learning more about how Sensible Auto and can benefit your business?

Ready to get started?

We’re actively seeking committed auto dealerships who want to grow their businesses.

The application is quick and simple, and we’ll get back to you right away.

We have everything covered, including your questions.

How can Sensible Auto help me sell more cars?

Our technology lets us give Instant Approval for most customers, so you can serve more of the credit-challenged buyers in your market. Being able to say Yes when other dealers cannot will let you make more sales every month.

How long after making a sale will I receive my funding?
A large portion of loans funds on the same day the application is submitted. The actual speed of funding depends on dealers submitting the required information in a timely fashion.
In which states does Sensible do business?
Sensible is originating loans out of most of the Continental United States.
Is Sensible Auto currently signing up new dealers?
We are always looking to sign up franchise and independent dealers in the markets we serve.
Still have questions?