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Our Mission

At Sensible Auto, we put customers into cars at the speed of technology.


Sensible Auto is the faster, smarter, and better way to secure car loans.

We know that having a car is important, and that everyone deserves a chance to buy one, even if they have been challenged by this before. Everyone at Sensible Auto is determined to make this happen. We are always working to make the process of getting a loan quicker and easier for the car buyers and the car dealers we serve.

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Our values

Sensible Auto combines financial technology with common sense to help car buyers and dealers reach their goals faster.

We offer credit-challenged consumers the opportunity to get a sensible loan that will improve their financial situation, and we do this by sticking to our core set of values.


We take a sensible approach when providing loans so that everyone will benefit from the transaction.


We believe that everyone deserves a car loan, even if they have experienced credit challenges.


We want everyone to be clear about the details of the loan they are getting right from the start.


We are here to answer everyone’s questions and to help before, during, and after we provide a loan.


We want everyone to succeed, and will work our hardest to find a way to say “yes” when others won’t.


We want our loans to help everyone improve their economic standings in their life and in their work.

Car financing that moves everyone forward.

We want dealers and borrowers to get what they want, and we know how to make that happen. This means acting decisively, continually improving our loan process, and never losing sight of the fact that we exist to get more people into the cars they need to succeed financially.

Man and Woman by Car

Have a question? Sensible Auto has the answer.

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