About Us

A Trusted Partner for Car Dealers & Buyers Alike

Sensible Auto occupies a unique space in the car buying world. We partner with car dealerships in order to empower them to say “yes” to every customer, which means they can sell more cars and build their businesses.

We also partner with individuals who have significant credit challenges, and provide them with a way to simultaneously purchase a car and repair their credit rating.


Integrity, honesty, and transparency are core values of Sensible Auto.

We go above and beyond to ensure additional educational resources and materials are available to car buyers to assist them in their quest for better credit. Our payment processing team is highly trained and extremely professional, and every individual is treated with respect.

Car dealers who choose Sensible Auto find the Instant Approval and quick funding process makes serving the sub-prime auto marketplace an extremely worthwhile endeavor. We are committed to helping our Dealer Partners grow within their marketplace, and strive in every way to be a valuable asset to them.

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