Company Overview

Sensible Auto Finance provides financing solutions for dealers that have subprime customers. Originally launched out of Connecticut, Sensible now partners with more than 1,000 independent and franchise dealers across the country. We are focused on creating win-win-win situations by providing financing that allows for dealers, customers and Sensible to all be successful. We like to say that we “Drive Opportunities for Success in a Sensible Way”.

Point of Sale Indirect Lending for Independent & Franchise Stores

For dealers that work with outside financing sources to provide funds for customers with bad credit, Sensible has emerged as a national provider.  Applications can be submitted through Sensible’s proprietary portal, through Dealertrack or RouteOne.  We offer instant approval and can say yes to just about any deal.

Credit Lines for BHPH Growth

If you are a BHPH dealer, you want to keep your customer relationships and grow your business.  But you may need help to improve cash flow and liquidity.  We offer Sensible lines of credit:

  • Customized lines of credit to meet your needs.
  • Online, real-time access to easy reports so that you can understand your Borrowing Base, track your draw history, and see your portfolio’s cashflow.
  • High advance rates are available with weekly draws.


Even better than a plain credit line, Sensible offers its BHPH All-in-One program.

  • Originate receivables in a quick, compliant manner using Sensible’s system.
  • Sensible will do all of the work of servicing the loans and collecting the money in an efficient and compliant manner so you can sleep easily and focus on selling more cars.

Bulk Program for BHPH Receivables

Whether or not you have a credit line with Sensible, you can sell your receivables to us in a Sensible way to raise cash quickly and unload the operating burden of servicing the loans.  Simply send us your loan file, and we can purchase your receivables to generate liquidity.  Our bulk purchasing program has many benefits:

  1. Quick and efficient pricing for your receivables.
  2. Servicing can be maintained by you or converted to Sensible in an easy way.
  3. No minimum seasoning is required.
  4. We offer Recourse and Non-Recourse pricing options.
  5. No restrictions on Mileage, Year and Make