Q: How does Sensible help me sell more cars?

A: With Instant Approval available for every customer, you can serve the credit challenged customers in your market that have no other viable avenue to auto ownership. Being able to say Yes brings more buyers to your business.

Q: What customers do not qualify for guaranteed credit approval?

A: Sensible Financing makes guaranteed credit approval available for every customer. This provides you, as the dealer, with many additional opportunities to deliver vehicles.

Q: How long after making the sale do I receive my funding?

A: As the dealer, you have some control over when you’ll receive your funding. A complete contract package that meets our policy and legal requirements is necessary for funding. On average, we fund within three business days of receiving a complete contract package. Electronic funds transfer is available to make your funds available in the shortest amount of time possible.

Q: How can I obtain a payoff for a current customer of Sensible Auto Lending?

A: You can receive a payoff by calling us or you may go to the Contact Us portion of this website and make an inquiry to Payoffs.

Q: Is Sensible Auto Lending signing up new dealers?

A: Sensible Auto Lending is actively looking to sign on reputable dealer-partners in the markets we serve. Sensible Auto Lending does business with both franchise and independent dealers.

Q: In which states does Sensible do business?

A: We are currently doing business with dealers in Connecticut and Florida. We have several states under review at this time, and we recommend checking back to this site for information in the future.

Q: How do I start selling more cars with Sensible?

A: To work with Sensible, begin by filling out a dealer profile sheet. We also need a copy of the current dealer license. At that point, further instructions will be provided via email. Most dealers are signed up within 24 hours of the initial contact.

Q: I’d like to see the dealer agreement first, please.

A: Of course! You can have a copy of the Sensible Dealer Agreement sent to you by clicking here.

Q: Can I get a copy of your rate sheet?

A: Please click here to have a copy of the rate sheet sent to you.