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Sensible Auto understands that good people can have bad credit. Medical bills, divorces, bankruptcies and other common life events can leave you in a position where no one wants to lend you any money, even though you’re working to get things back on track.

Sensible Auto is different. We know you really need a car to go to work and take care of your responsibilities. We work with people in all kinds of situations who need a way to buy a car and rebuild their credit.


Instant Approval

Sensible Auto works exclusively with car dealerships who are willing to say “Yes”. The application process is quick and simple, and you’ll know instantly how much of a loan you qualify for and what your payment will be. We finance any make or model of car, up to fifteen years old, so you have the freedom to choose a vehicle that’s right for you!


Rebuild Your Credit

Take charge of your financial life and restore your credit rating by working with Sensible Auto. We report your payments every month to each of the major credit bureaus. A positive payment history is one of the most important things lenders look for – and working with Sensible Auto can help you fix your credit.

With improved credit you can:

check mark Buy or lease a newer car
check mark Purchase a home
check mark Get a major credit card


What’s The Catch?

After you’ve been told time after time after time that you can’t get a car loan, it’s natural to be suspicious when someone says “yes”. We understand.

Sensible Auto is committed to honesty, integrity and transparency in everything we do. You don’t have to worry about hidden surprises.

All the numbers are shared with you right up front and you’ll know what your payments will be and when they’re due before you sign on the dotted line. Our friendly, professional payment servicing team is there to help you out throughout the life of your loan. We will always answer all of your questions.

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